What do vegans use as an egg substitute

What do vegans use as an egg substitute

Egg Substitution for Vegans

 What do vegans use as an egg substituteOne main ingredient to be eliminated in a vegan diet is eggs.  Even though eggs are taken for granted in baking and seem like an irreplaceable ingredient, there are several vegan options available that will get the job done.


  1. Use Pureed Bananas

Pureed bananas are an effective egg substitute. Just place a ripe banana in the blender and pulse until completely smooth and there are no lumps. A half of a regular sized banana is the equivalent of one egg.


The positive aspect of using bananas is that they are readily available. However, bananas have a distinct taste that won’t work out in every recipe. For example, if you were trying to make peanut butter cookies, the banana flavor would alter the taste.


  1. Use A “Flax Egg”
    A “flax egg” is an excellent egg substitute. It’s made from ground flaxseeds and water. Measure out 1 tablespoon of whole, raw flaxseeds for every egg that you need to replace.


Then pulverize it into a fine powder, using a blender or coffee grinder. Transfer the flaxseed powder to a bowl and add three tablespoons of water for each egg you need to replace.


Add the water slowly while stirring vigorously. Whisk until the mixture takes on a gel-like quality.

Important: refrigerate for an hour before using. This will allow your “egg” to set up.


Since flaxseeds are nutty tasting, this egg replacement works best when making things like whole grain breads, muffins, and pancakes. You may want to experiment to get a feel for the types of recipes you like this to be in.


For a lighter, milder taste, use chia seeds instead of flax seeds. Chia seeds are a known weight loss helper by reducing food cravings and also help in reducing blood pressure.


  1. Use Egg Replacement Products
    There are several egg replacement products out on the market that are designed to be vegan friendly. Look at the packaging to make sure that it’s vegan safe and that it doesn’t contain any meat byproducts.


A very convenient egg replacement comes in powder form.  There are several brands on the market. Of course, you can always find the powdered egg vegan replacements online, often at excellent prices.


  1. Use Tofu
    Tofu is also another option for egg replacement in a recipe. Silken tofu yields the best results. You can also use unflavored soy yogurt in the same proportion with similar results.


The nice thing about tofu is that it blends well with most flavors and takes on the flavor of whatever it’s mixed with. You can find tofu at your favorite supermarkets.  It’s very easy to work with and to store.


To replace one large egg, use ¼ cup of a tofu blended mixture. You’ll need to do some experimenting to see which recipes work best with tofu as an egg substitute.


Using flour with tofu is very popular. Flour also doesn’t have a flavor of its own and will take on the flavor of the ingredients it’s mixed with. It easily blends into the tofu mixture.


1 tablespoon flour of any kind (try wheat flour, oat flour, or soy flour) and 1 tablespoon water for each egg.  1 tablespoon baking powder, 1 tablespoon flour, 2 tablespoons water for each egg.


  1. Use Cornstarch
    Using cornstarch. 2 tablespoons corn starch and 2 tablespoons water blended together also replaces one egg. In a short while  you’ll be able to tell at a glance which egg replacement products work best for certain kinds of recipes.


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